A World Tour of Kitchens... Backstage!

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Indonesia, cucumber peanut salad
Indonésie - Salade de concombres à la cacahouète
Syria, Mamouniye or semolina porridge
Turkey, Fasulye ou scarlet runner beans in tomato sauce
Turkey, manti or local ravioli in a yoghourt sauce
Turkey, Mercimek Corbasi or Lentil soup
Turkey, Pastirma Kaietta or tinfoiled spicy beef and lemon
Turkey, dessert of grilled helva
Turkey, Müjver or zucchini patties
Turkey, Börek or fried cheese puff
Roumania, stuffed breaded poultry scallops
Roumania, eggplants with tomato sauce
Poland, Placki or donuts/doughnuts
Lithuania, Saltibarsciai or cold soup
Lithuania, Cepelinai - Meat or cheese potato dumplings
Estonia, Magus Hapu Kapsas or Sweet and Sour Cabbage
Potato and Fish Finnish Casserole
Estonia, Ahju Kartul or Potato dish
Finnish Rossoli Salad
Finnish reindeer and cheese soup
Sami Lichen Soup
Sami Pine Tree Tips Soup
Laila's Salmon Soup
Sami Flavored Butter
Sami Bread - "Embercakes"
The World's Best Cake, Norway
Gravad Laks, Denmark
Frikadeller from the Château du Fjord, Denmark
Fish tajine at Tasra inn, Morocco