Estonia, Ahju Kartul or Potato Dish

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"Ahju kartul" means "oven meal", as this simple recipe used to be the most traditional way of preparing potatoes in Estonia and a staple of local family dinners. Indeed, this style of cooking can only be found at grandmother's house these days, as less and less time is dedicated to food preparation in modern Estonian lifestyle.


- potatoes
- onions
- bacon or other thinly sliced meat cut


Peel small potatoes or cut them in half if too big.
Chop onions.
Put half of the potatoes and onions in an oven dish.
Make slices of bacon or other meat.
Put a layer of bacon slices on top, then the other half of potatoes and onions.
Pour some water at the bottom, appproximately 1/2 cm.
Add salt and pepper on top.
Place in hot oven. For a more roasted meat, place the meat slices back on top during baking time.
There should always be some liquid at bottom of the pan.
Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender.