Unusual Sights, Humor, and Good Ideas from Around the World

The things foreigners find "unusual" may look perfectly normal to locals.
However, we must admit that the more we travel, the more we realize how "unusual" some sights are in our own homeland...
We hope our readers will enjoy the following examples we provide here to share intercultural awareness and a better understanding of the diversity of cultures and people.
We also included in this section some good ideas we saw at work here and there, in an attempt to contribute to a better world.
Unusual sights from most recent travels start at the top of this page.
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Australia: misc unusual sights and good ideas
Australia: outback and bush popular art
Australia: road signs
Australia: nanny state?
Australia: some environmental challenges
Australia: more than just made in Australia

Middle East: Oman, Emirates, Saudi, Jordan, Syria
Nordic Europe