Turkey, Börek or Fried Cheese Puff

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This recipe is made with "yufka", which are thin dried wheat flour breads. Traditionally, they are prepared at the end of summer to be used in the following months. Each day, a group of women get together at one of their houses to make as many as needed by the family, and so on. Such traditions are still quite alive in rural areas, where solidarity plays an important part in social life.
In the cities, "yufka" can be bought in some shops thus allowing busy city dwellers to still prepare börek at home.
Börek is a typical food of "Ramazan" early breakfast, as it is rather quick to make and will stick to the body to help face a day of fasting. Börek can be made with cheese or with eggs and yoghurt.

Ingredients for yufkas :

- 1 kg flour
- 1 egg
- 25 cl milk
- salt
- 1 tablespoon oil
- 25 cl water approximately, with more to be added in later

Ingredients for börek :

- yufkas
- 2-3 tablespoons of oil
- cheese or egg beaten with yoghurt

Preparation for yufkas :

Mix in this order. Add more water if needed then knead by hand. Make round flat breads as thin as possible. Put in a skillet and dry - preferably on an open fire - for a few seconds. Fold immediately in two and put away only when completely cold. Store in a cool dry place to keep for up to a year.

Preparation for börek :

Break each yufka into 3 or 4 pieces and soak for a couple of seconds in warm water. In a skillet or frying pan on medium-high, put in the oil then place the pieces of börek to make about 2 to 3 layers.
Add cheese cut in chunks, slices or grated.
Cover with another 2 to 3 layers of yufkas, following the same process. Fry at medium heat.
When set together and golden, flip to the other side.