Turkey, Müjver ou Zucchini Patties

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Here is presented a typically Turkish way of serving zucchini: patties.
It is noteworthy that "müjver" are quite similar to a Danish recipe called "frikadelle", with an "oriental" touch to it.
These patties are usually fried in oil but they also work very well baked, more especially in a slightly different version, made with zucchini, carrots and Swiss cheese.


- 1 kg zucchini
- parsley
- mint
- fresh scallions
- 4 eggs
- flour
- salt, pepper
- some oil, ideally olive oil
- for a baked version: 500 gr of zucchini, 500 gr of carrots, 250 gr of grated Swiss cheese, the other ingredients remaining unchanged.


Thinly cut zucchini in small sticks or rather grate them on biggest grater plate. Put in a salad bowl, add salt and stir. Ideally, use a clear bowl so as to better monitor bottom of mixture at the end of recipe.
Thinly chop parsley, scallions, fresh mint. Add to the salad bowl with pepper and stir.
Add 4 eggs to mixture and stir thoroughly.
Add in some flour gradually, until there is no liquid left at the bottom of the bowl.
Heat some oil in a skillet and drop batter by generous tablespoonfuls, approximately 5 per batch. Flatten them up immediately. When slightly golden, flip to the other side until golden. Renew this process a couple of times to cook thoroughly through until deep golden. Lay on a paper towel to absorb excess fat and keep warm in oven, if so desired.
For a baked version: this batter can be prepared directly in a gratin dish.
Müjver can be eaten hot, warm or cold. Traditionally, they are served with "arak", the anis-flavored local alcoholic beverage, which is watered down to taste on ice cubes.
This recipe comes from Utku's mother, seen here in her kitchen with Martine.