Lithuania, Saltibarsciai or Cold Soup

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This cold soup is very refreshing and a staple of Lithuanian summer cuisine.
This dish in a delicate shade of pink comes from the Lowlands of Lithuania, as opposed to a white version, preferred in the country's highlands.
This recipe is prepared with several typical ingredients such as buttermilk called "kefyras" in Lithuanian, and pickled beets. Alternatively, the latter can be replaced with regular beets and a dash of vinegar added to the soup.


- 2 small cucumbers
- 1 to 2 pickled beets
- 3 eggs
- 300 to 400 ml of milk
- 500 ml of buttermilk
- 2 large tablespoons of cream
- fresh chives
- fresh dill
Make hard boiled eggs and dice them.
Cut beets and cucumbers into small thin sticks.
Chop chives and dill.
Put the vegetables and eggs in a soup bowl.
Pour the milk and buttermilk and stir. Add in the cream and lastly the herbs and stir again.
Ideally, this soup should be chilled for 2 to 3 hours prior to serving.