Poland, Placki or Donuts/Doughnuts

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This type of donut is commonly prepared at home and eaten as dessert or as an afternoon snack. They are less compact than regular donuts, have no hole inside them and are at their best when freshly cooked, but the dough can be made for several batches and kept refrigerated for several days.

It is interesting to note that similar donuts are prepared in Roumania under the name of "scovarge" except that they are shaped into rectangles and served with plum marmelade.

Ingredients :

- 2 eggs
- 100 grams of margarine
- 300 grams of flour
- 1/2 dose of baking powder (5 grams)
- frying oil
- confectionary sugar
Mix together flour and baking powder.
Melt margarine.
Mix eggs, margarine then gradually add flour and raising powder.
Knead then let the dough sit in a warm place to raise for a couple of hours.
On a floured surface, roll the dough down to approximately 3 cm.
Using a glass, cut circles into it.
In a skillet, pour a generous amount of oil and when hot, fry the doughnuts on both sides until golden.
Lay on a paper towel to absorb excess fat.
Sprinkle with confectionary sugar.