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We chose Primus, the famous Swedish brand, for our mini lanterns and stoves for several good reasons.
Firstly, as world leader in its category. Knowing the brand's reputation for equipping serious expeditions, we knew we would be able to trust this material's durability and its capacity to function every day during our entire world tour, and long after that!
Secondly, we were particularly interested in Primus stoves' versatility, thanks to their omnifuel capabilities: when gas cartridges are unavailable, or when it is too cold for gas to operate properly (at +4° C, 40° F and under), having the possibility to fall back on petrol, white spirit or even diesel is a great asset... precisely when a hot meal and drink is most needed! For this purpose, we have several fuel containers, plus a few spare gas cartridges.
Thirdly, the flame intensity can easily be set on the Primus stove mode that we chose, a feature that is not necessarily offered by other brands. As typical Frenchmen, food is very important to us, and so we insist on making and eating good food every day!
Lastly, as to our Primus lanterns, we love their small compact size, without sacrificing an inch to performance and durability.
We know that the locals we will be meeting, particularly in remote areas, will be intrigued by our camp equipment, and we will satisfy their curiosity.
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