Gravad Laks from Château du Fjord or Marinated Salmon

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This traditional recipe of marinated salmon is a must of Danish cuisine. Prepared with a freshly caught or defrosted filleted salmon, it is usually attended to with love and care by the fisherman who brought it home...This is Sven's personal recipe, served at Château du Fjord.
- two salmon fillets of same size
- sugar, rock salt, pepper
- freshly chopped dill
- a little glass of aquavit
In a long dish, place the first salmon fillet skin down. Sprinkle with sugar, then rock salt, then pepper. Pour a little glass of aquavit on top and sprinkle over it 2 handfuls of chopped fresh dill. Cover this fillet with the second fillet, this time skin up.
Put foil over the dish, put some weight on it and let it sit for 48 hours. It will need to be flipped over 4 times during this time.