Romania, Pulpe de pui or Stuffed and Breaded Poultry Scallops

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for about 10-12 scallops (5-6 servings):
- 3 to 4 turkey or chicken breasts according to size.
- 10-12 thin slices of ham
- 10-12 thin slices of cheese (sandwich type)
- 3 eggs
- flour
- breadcrumbs
- salt, pepper, powdered vegetable bouillon
- oil
In each breast, cut scallops as thin as possible (approx 3) then tenderize each on a board also to make larger, thinner scallops.
Sprinkle with salt, pepper and powdered vegetable bouillon.
On each scallop, lay a slice a ham and top it with a slice of cheese.
Beat 3 eggs and dip each scallop in it on both sides. Do the same on both sides in flour and lastly in breadcrumbs.
Fry on both sides in a skillet with oil until golden.