Indonesia - Cucumber Salad with Peanuts

Several substitutions or changes can be made to this basic recipe: with or without garlic and/or oil, sesame seeds instead of peanuts. Also, taking into account sensitive stomachs or palates, a simple trick is provided here for a softer, less acidic vinegar touch. It is now up to you to experiment and find your favorite combination!
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- cucumber
- one carrot
- a handful of peanuts or sesame seeds, toasted
- rice or cider vinegar
- sugar
- salt
- optional: garlic, chopped very thinly
- optional: a bit of oil
Toast peanuts or sesame seeds. Grind peanuts coarsely. Set aside.
This can be prepared ahead of time.
Chop cucumber in slices and if your patience allows it, cut each slice in three.
Chop carrot in thin sticks or grate it coarsely. Mix with cucumber.
In a bowl, melt sugar in vinegar. For a softer, less acidic vinegar, put it in a small pan with sugar and boil for 2 to 3 minutes. If you wish to include a touch of garlic, add it to the pan, chopped very thinly, at the same time as sugar and vinegar. Garlic will thus be easier to digest. Let this salad sauce cool a bit.
Add salad sauce to cucumber and mix well. Delicately mix in most of the peanuts or sesame seeds, setting aside about one tablespoon's worth, which will be sprinkled on top of the salad right before serving.