Jutland Frikadeller from the Château du Fjord

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Frikadeller are a landmark of Danish everyday cuisine. These patties can be made with various ingredients. One of our favorite versions is with fresh spinach leaves, but the most traditional ones are made with fish. This is a clever recipe to make use of fish with a lot of small bones such as pike. Danish fishermen often filet and skin their pikes as soon as they get home, then mince the meat in a food processor and freeze it into portions for future frikadeller. This habit possibly accounts for the newest trend in home improvement: installing a second kitchen, often in the basement, fully equipped down to knives, boards, giant food processors and the likes, where the man of the house, whether hunter or fisherman, and often both, can clean his catch and process it for meals to come.
This recipe from Birgit's kitchen at the Château du Fjord is given for approximately 1.5 kg of fish meat, but it is possible to reduce the quantity of fish and add shrimp. Another popular option is to use pike for half and salt water fish for another half.
Mix in this order:
- fish meat minced
- salt, pepper
- one onion chopped
- a generous bunch of fresh dill, chopped
- 4 Tsp of wheat flour
- 3 Tsp of corn flour
- 1/8 of liter (125 cl) of liquid cream
- 4 egg yolks
- 1/4 liter (250 cl) of milk
- 4 egg whites, beaten
Make patties with a tablespoon and fry in olive oil combined with a little peanut oil. The traditional version takes also a bit of butter in the frying pan or skillet. Turn when golden. When golden on both sides, place on a dish with a paper towel and keep in a warm oven until all frikadeller are fried. Serve with a green salad.