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A word for word translation would be "Dr. Dick - medical tests". Casablanca, Morocco
The use of tiles around doors reminds us of the Arab influence still present in Portugal or southern Spain cultures where such decorations are widely visible there too
A rusting ghost, sanded by the winds, this tank got stuck in soft sand. A strong reminder of the past conflict over western Sahara territories.
A lesson in optimization... or how to double a carrot truckload? Well, braid carrot leaves together on the inside!
Southern Morocco, Tan Tan. "Dumping fish waters is prohibited." Sardines and anchovies loaded from El Ouatia harbor, travel North to Agadir where they are sold locally or processed. Trucks leave full of fish and ice chips, but as heat melts the ice, "fish water" bounces back and forth and right to left on bumpy roads, with a negative impact on the truck's balance. Truck drivers are tempted to dump the fish waters anywhere, which creates a road hazard: fish waters full of scales and fat, make the roads very slippery... not to mention the smell!
This stork has chosen a very safe place to nest in the Roman ruins of ancient Volubilis, near Fez, Northern Morocco.
Never leave your pictures unattended when at a friend's place... An example of what they do to them: - "I can't believe this, they really went there and stole a truckload of carrots...?" - "You dummy! It's obviously a retouching job... we spent New Year's Eve together! - "Gosh, they really fooled me!"