Australia: Road Signs

We never saw a sign saying "taking pictures while driving is unsafe", but we believe this may change in the future...
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Watch for Animals Road Signs

Upon our arrival in Australia, we knew kangaroo, koala and emu, but did not even know many other animals represented on these road signs: echidneas and tree kangaroos, really?
If we already knew about ducks, we soon learned to mind the road signs for wombats and cassowaries.
Sure, we had seen camels before. But we did not know that in the Australian outback, one should watch for them just as one would for cattle, kangaroos and emus. And on a smaller scale, be aware of bandicoots road signs too! Oh, and as long as we are on the subject of animals: in the parks, be ready to fight magpies and larks...

Other Road Signs

Speed limits are very common signs on roads, but have you ever seen a 50 km speed limit on a beach? The "fast flowing water" road sign was new to us too.

Drivers' Awareness Road Signs

In Australia, the police often run safety campaigns by letting the public know they are targeting a specific road hazard. Our collection of warnings is missing one sign -- mobile phones -- as we could not safely stop or park to photograph one.
Here is an example of the commendable efforts made through catchy slogans to better attract the public's attention to the dangers of not taking regular breaks from the tediousness of long hours of driving.
We had to be explained the sexual innuendos behind this campaign targeting Australian male drivers, to let them know that their manliness is not measured with a speedometer... at least not by women!