Mural Paintings on the Go!

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How to share with others some of the beautiful places we have seen and put across without words and within seconds what our current lifestyle is all about? How to break the ice with kids or shy locals? How to go unnoticed when camping in the bush to ensure our privacy? And how to make our camper less conspicuous in a breathtaking environment so as not to spoil other people's enjoyment with a view on a bright geometric shape that would not blend at all into the landscape?
Hats off for their beautiful work and many warm thanks to these generous artists whom we were so lucky to meet on our path!!
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Christine is a TV producer and a mural artist in Northern California. She also loves to travel, so it was not difficult to convince her to put her talent to work for us. Her first brush stokes were to depict her homeland sky...
...Australia! More than a bird, the kookaburra is truly a bush icon and a special memory. Unfailingly, its call is the first to be heard in the morning and the very last at the end of each day.
We also felt that a Defender should be in there, as our past Landies were a big part of our past 4WDing stories, whether in Northern Africa or the Middle East.
The Moose in its forest talks about more recent travels in the amazing Canadian far North we explored in the safety and comfort of our Cristobal, version 1.
The least we could do to accommodate our Baja artists at work was to protect them from the tropical sun of Mexico!
Michèle, an architect and entrepreneur, is also an artist who chose to depict her beloved "cardon", the iconic cactus of the Baja desert standing tall in front of the Sierra background...
...while Tori, a very famous artist and art teacher in Baja Sur was representing a whale sighting, its tail flapping next to a lucky fisherman enjoying the Pacific Ocean shores... That would be me!