Off-roading with Cristobal

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A few things about going off roads with Cristobal.
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Cristobal's wheelbase is 2500 mm (98") when a pick-up such as this one is 3600 mm (140"). Since we favour ability to travel in remote places over highway comfort, we chose a short wheel base vehicle even though it is a less stable option at higher speeds.
Wheelbase and ground clearance impact ramp over angle.
When we built Cristobal 3's storage boxes and rear rack, we paid attention to maintaining the truck original exit angle of 35°.
Over the years, we have driven over surfaces damaged by heavy rains or hurricanes, got bogged in sand, mud, found our way blocked by fallen trees or had to deal with branches hanging too low over our path...
Some might question why carry tools which do not get used very often, such as those shown here. We just feel more comfortable knowing we can get out of most situations by ourselves thanks to them! Top two right inserts on the picture feature long handle shovel, pick, axe, saw and a sledge hammer (which can for instance help undo a tight wheel nut).
Top left, are featured the tools we keep at hand inside the cabin as they are used more frequently.
Bottom, one of the four 1.5 meter sand/mud tracks (photo was taken when they were still new)! And we carry bolts and nuts which allow us to pair them 2 by 2 and turn them into two stronger ramps.
Our hi-lift jack (arrow shows its foot) can slide in and out under the middle section of the platform where it is stored. Other equipment includes: chain with hooks which can catch on itself, a thick wooden board which serves as a Hi-lift base for soft terrains. One snatch strap (20% elasticity) and a few 2x4 wooden shocks.