Rear Platform and Rack

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The rear platform is located on the back of the subframe. It comes in handy for storing:
- four 1.5 meter long (5') mud/sand tracks,
- the 55x28x8 cm (22x11x3") Hi-lift wooden "base"
- two jerricans, and room for more.
This rear rack was designed to maintain a 35 degree escape angle.
It acts as a bumper and carried for a while our 6th wheel (until a front rack was built for it at a later stage).
We have been truly enjoying the versatility these storage areas provide... In addition to our mud/sand tracks, we carry firewood, bucket for fishing, 2x4 wood shocks, etc... Once, we even put up there a bicycle with a flat tire whose owner we ran into stranded in the middle of nowhere!