Diesel and Water

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About fuel:

In terms of range, a 65 liter stock diesel tank, equals to:
- about 420 km, on asphalt @ 80km/h (5th gear) with tires at 55 psi (14.3L/100 km - 7km/L - 16.6 mi/G)
- about 330 km on dirt road @ average 40 km/h (mostly 4th gear), tires 40 psi (18L/100 km - 5.5km/L - 13 mi/G)
- about 270 km on slow dirt or sandy road @ average 30 km/h (3rd gear), tires 40 psi (22L/100 km - 4.5km/L - 10 mi/G)
To increase range and insure that we can get to remote places - and back - we opted for four 20L (5G) green diesel jerricans, an easier and cheaper alternative to either replacing the original fuel tank with a bigger one or adding an extra tank, both solutions which imply pump and hoses and a potential source of headaches...

About water:

An emergency safety reserve is always on the truck, at all times. It equals to drinking water consumption needs in the summertime and was calculated as follows: 3 days x 4 liters (1G) x 2 people = 24 liters = 1 jerrican + 1 gallon
More water is stored inside the camper and also in our yellow/beige jerricans.
Click on pictures to enlarge them.
Two diesel jerricans are stored right above the fuel tank.
Two more empty ones are stored on the cabin roof rack.
All are secured from theft with a steel cable and padlock.
Jerricans located above the truck tank can be positioned with their mouths turned inwards (a measure against fuel theft). When turned outwards as on the left picture and with the help of a bead syphon, it makes for an easy fuel transfer into the main tank.
When heavy with fuel, jerricans are lashed on the front platform (arrow) or on the rear platform. Once emptied into the main tank, they will return to their usual roof storage location.
Adding our main tank capacity and these 4 jerricans makes for a total of 140 liters. Mileage goes as follows:
- on asphalt, range is about 1000 km (625 mi)
- on dirt road, range is about 800 km (500 mi)
- on slow dirt or sandy road, range is about 650 km (400 mi)
Not taking into account our emergency water reserve, we can carry up to a total 125 liters (65 liters in the camper water tank plus three 20L jerricans). Our very minimum needs for drinking, cooking and washing are:
- winter 4 Liters/day/person - autonomy 15 days
- summer 8 Liters/day/person - autonomy 8 days
Note: a foot pump along with various water conservation techniques help us keep our consumption down.