Compressor Box

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A serious air compressor requires very good electrical connections. And since we knew it would be used quite often, we wanted it on a permanent mount.
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We chose to locate our compressor box as close as possible to the batteries (B).
We started with an off-the-shelf box, shortened down by Chris, our master steel surgeon...
We keep the box lid open when we run the compressor. We connect the hose to a female air connector, which, when not in use, is protected from dust by a plastic tube. Inside the box are also a pressure switch and a pressure gauge (not visible here).
The compressor's "legs" come with rubber pads, which works well enough to absorb the compressor vibrations... but we had not imagined the effects corrugations (washboard) would have. We successfully fixed this problem with eight wide steel washers placed on each side of the box bottom holes.