Outdoor Mud and Shower Room

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Ever come back with muddy shoes or sandy feet? Want to take a shower without being splattered by dirt while doing it? This is our solution: an outdoor mud/shower room...
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The platform will sit on these cross members. Underneath it and on top of an aluminum checker plate is a storage place designed to accommodate a Hi-lift.
A frame is welded on the cross members. Anti-rattling plastic sheets are screwed on it.
Steel mesh is attached with U bolts. How shall we climb on it?
Here is the ladder, a design from Chris which include bars equipped with anti-skid mesh. Martine carefully filed any sharp point. The retaining spring will be attached in "S" to keep the ladder up when not in use.
Last adjustment...
A piece of beige sun shade cloth can be hung in the back to cut the wind. Another one can be fitted between the camper and the cabin for privacy (not shown). Several plastic hooks come in handy all around the truck to hang clothes.