Toy Box

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What about the toys? Wet suit, snorkel masks, storm jacket, life jacket (for the kayak) and more importantly fishing tackle? They are not always perfectly clean to be allowed inside the camper... and it is nice to have them at hand, hence this off-the-shelf toy box made of heavy plastic and the custom holder.
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This is where the box will come, the holder will sit on the two cross members. Between the cross members a space is reserved for storing the Hi-lift jack.
This side of the frame receives the black box. The other side is designed to hold the four camper hydraulic jacks and the long handled shovel.
The box is bolted to the frame.
The bottom of the box holds cumbersome recovery tools: pick axe, sledge hammer, saw, axe, secured vertically. In front, two shelves were fitted in at the "S" levels. The box is secured with a padlock.
"J" shows the foot of the Hi-lift jack, secured with screw and padlock.
After living with this solution for a couple of years, I must say that I find it very convenient to have outside storage accessible while comfortably standing up with a straight back rather than bent in two.
The rear side of the "toy box" holds the camper jacks, shovel and bucket. At the bottom are stored BBQ grates, thongs and steel brush, right at hand once the combination padlock is unlocked.