Side Storage Boxes

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Campers have a bottom narrower than its top to fit on the bed of a pick-up truck. We wanted to turn the space available on the sides into two dust-proof and water-proof storage boxes. The existing small openings visible on the picture would offer the advantage of providing an access from inside the camper to these storage areas. We wanted these boxes to be robber-proof, yet to allow loading from the outside.
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These side storage boxes would not run on the entire length of the camper so as to leave enough room in the front for the storing of jerricans.
For a perfect fit, the frame was welded right on site.
From left to right: front, side and rear of the left side box frame.
Once removed, the frame got its bottom (with a pitch going away from the camper wall). "D" rings were welded for future lashing of the loads. Two steel panels were welded. The three other panels got attached with bolts screwed into threaded rivets (or inserts) popped on the frame.
A: space kept free for the jerrycans
C, E: welded panels
B, D, F: removable panels
Left: rubber seal and threaded rivet (insert) seen from the outside
Right: view from inside the box of the rear (F) panel. To prevent unwanted opening of the removable panels we fit a nut on all the screws and lock them tight from the inside.
The beige mesh on the bottom is an anti-skid mat.