Merging Truck and Camper

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The camper on Cristobal 2 had just been unloaded. We now had barely 6 weeks on our hands to find a camper, merge it with the truck, and build around them all the necessary "trimmings" to turn it into an expedition vehicle and leave the country before our visas expired.
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So, let's get started!
One week later, we found this 25+ year old camper. Just like the Roadway with Cristobal 1, it has a wooden frame, a feature we like for its repairability. The bottom was sprayed twice with a black rubberized coat before marking its final positioning onto the subframe.
Attachment points are cut into thick steel plates and welded to the subframe.
This recent picture shows the tensioners and the links with the camper. Four padlocks will eventually lock the tensioners' handles.
In this picture taken two years later, the tensioners got some rust marks but the camper has not moved a millimeter, despite thousands of kilometers of corrugations (washboard) and several very bad rocky tracks while crossing the Sierras.