Cabin Canopy

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Big windscreens are great for enjoying the scenery. However, we found the heat to be a real downside in sunny countries... We hardly ever use the air conditioning thanks to a preferred "passive" solution which in turn contributes to better mileage and... greater fuel autonomy.
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This idea came several years ago from John whom we met in Western Australia. At the time, he was building by himself his second expedition unit, also on a Mits. His advice: the canopy must extend far enough to "cover" twice the angle between windshield and the vertical-line-passing-on-the-windshield-bottom-edge. We can confirm this from experience and... that such a project is really worth the--little--trouble it takes to build it. We love the comfort it provides!
Top: Key components are a sun shade cloth (UV resistant and in which two gussets were sewn) and two quality extension poles, such as those usually used for paint rollers. We made sure the extensions were long enough to have most of the wider tubes overlap with the narrower tubes inside for maximum strength.
Bottom: The canopy is collapsable and the shade can be neatly rolled and secured.
The clamp secures the middle tube from accidental collapsing.
This contraption withstood 150 km/h (90 mph) winds without any problem.