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The original truck had 7 split rim wheels (tubed with 215 tires), with dual wheels in the rear.
What I wanted was tubeless wheels and singles in the rear (SRW).

On a truck with duals, the track of the external rear wheels is wider than the track of the front wheels (a front wheel is aligned with the middle of the space between the dual rear wheels located on the same side of the truck). This was determined by the truck manufacturer and the wheels were designed accordingly with what is called an "offset".

When going SRW I would have loved to get wheels built with a specific offset that would have aligned front and (now single) rear wheels. Unfortunately, during our stay on the West Coast of the US in 2010, we could not find such wheels nor a supplier to make them.

So we went for a wheel solution much simpler to implement:

- tubeless
- R16, being a widely used size, would make easier future tire replacement in remote places (we plan to go to South America)
- compatible with the vehicle weight and with tires 235 or bigger.

Two years later, after about 3,000 km on dirt roads and some crossing challenges, I must say that the slight difference between front and rear tracks has not been a problem for me. And I am happy to keep going this way.
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Old wheels: split rims, 16" steel, hub bore 150 mm (5-7/8"), 5 lugs spaced 120 mm (4-3/4"), lugs 33 mm (1-1/4"), rim offset 115 mm, duals in rear, small tires (760 mm=30").
Left: old wheels, duals in rear and 215 tires.
Right: new wheels, single in rear and 235 tires.