Rear Boxes

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Storage accessible from the outside always comes in handy for items which can collect dirt, such as recovery equipment or for liquids such as lubricants, brake fluids, etc., not to forget the toolbox, tire repair kits etc...
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The exact location and dimension of the rear boxes we calculated so as to maintain the truck original escape angle of 35 degrees.
For a faster and cheaper option, we started out with a standard aluminum storage box. These are sold to fit the bed of pick-up trucks. To turn it into two smaller boxes, Chris smartly suggested a double "L" cut where the longer side could be folded back to complete each box.
Master welder or artist? Chris in action!
Right: On this Canter, the escape angle is limited by the portion of the chassis beam extending behind the rear wheels.
Top left: Welded to the subframe, the steel braces support the boxes' weight.
Bottom left: Latch is ready for its padlock!