Recovery Points

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I remember Roger, a famous Australian off-roading group leader, insisting on the importance of "strong recovery points". This Canter was equipped with just one: an open hook under the front bumper, located on the right side.
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A shackle being safer than an open hook, I went for square 50x50 mm (2"x2") receivers. On this picture, one is in my hand, the other by my knee. The matching male part is on the foreground with the yellow shackle and pin.
To accommodate both front receivers already welded on the chassis, the bumper required that I cut two square holes in it before remounting. On top of the bumper, I drilled two round holes right above the receiver holes to allow for the pins to come and lock the matching male part.
Both rear receivers were welded on the chassis.
I managed to have the same spacing between front and rear receivers so as to be able to use the same recovery accessories (winch, holder, etc...).