Cristobal 2 - The Nightmare

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At first, I was quite excited by a camper manufacturer's offer to trade our traveller's image and media exposure for a custom-made camper at a reasonable price for us. We came with our detailed specs, the product of our experience of several years on and off the roads, combined with Robert's design and engineering skills and creativeness.
We were after an expedition unit designed for long term travel, capable of facing real off-roading and various climate situations. We had not realized how much this project would take the manufacturer out of his comfort zone...
Seven months later we had to admit it was a disaster. Both parties agreed to part. Since the manufacturer asked us not to publish any logo, picture or details that would identify his company, you won't see any picture of Cristobal 2 with that camper on this website. Sorry folks!
We could hardly introduce Cristobal 3 without a mention of Cristobal 2. So we chose to let dust settle for two years before saying a word about this story, taking into account the manager's personal feelings and the wonderful plant team who built this thing with a great degree of commitment.
So, what did we do once we had our freedom back... and no living quarters any more? To make the challenge ahead of us even greater, our US visas were running out...
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Robert's challenge: turn a truck with a bare chassis and a subframe into an expedition vehicle in seven weeks and drive it out of the USA!
So, here we are, back to Cristobal... 1.5 !