Expedition Vehicles We Use(d)

"Expedition Vehicles"... or more modestly "long distance, long term off-the-beaten-track travel companions". Meeting other "Grands Voyageurs" for real is always an opportunity to express solidarity when needed, have a good time, share information about travels and of course, about our vehicles, how we do this or that, the problems we solved, etc...

Cristobal 3 - El Chico

Cristobal 2 - The Nightmare
Cristobal 1 - The Moose
Cristobal Zero - The Japanese
Alistair - Defender 110 SW - TD5 - 2004
JJ - Joli Jouet - Defender 110 SW - TD5 - 1999
If you are new to long 4x4 travels, as we were at first, you will benefit a lot from many forums such as, in English,
Believe us, the Aussies who -- most of the time return alive from their outings in the outback(!) -- are really knowledgeable. To survive the harsh conditions of their land, they have developed a wide range of skills and a valuable technical expertise!
More USA-centric, where you can find data on petrol (gasoline) and automatic transmission vehicles is
It also covers diesels and various brands of cars and small or larger 4x4 trucks.
On this site, a member created a set of recommendations designed to keep discussions focused on useful output.
I cannot resist sharing some quotes from that specific post which was about comparing two options about a mod (modification), with the pros and cons:
"Please stay on topic and no smartalk/rude/disparaging comments; as it seems the norm on most threads these days!
Oh, and no hijacking!
Let's keep this a constructive and informative discussion, so we can get a good consensus of the pros and cons of doing/or not doing.
No personal discussion of one's mod, if they already did it -- this should be on a build thread. Opinions and facts only, please! This discussion is about a hypothetical mod on a hypothetical rig, before one actually does it, to get the pros/cons of both and then take the appropriate course of action."
Find more about this interesting post from CanuckMariner at
Regarding languages,
are in Spanish and
is in French. That may be useful for technical wording while one travels with a Landy in Central and South America or in Western Africa respectively.
Other brand owners meet on specific brand sites, such as
or even model sites such as
Of course, there are other quality 4x4 forums available on the net
if you speak German, Italian, Turkish...
Yes, 4x4 travellers are indeed a global community!
In this section, we hope to share our own modest experience with you, travellers or future travellers whom we are currently meeting in... cyberspace!
Hope to see you for real on the tracks.
We wish you safe, pleasant and light treading.
Our vehicles are presented with the most recent ones on the top. Most pictures on the following pages can be enlarged by clicking on them.