Alistair - Diesel Autonomy

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Two additional 50 litre stainless steel diesel tanks were located at chassis level, on the sides of the car below the front seats. Picture shows left tank.
(a) stainless steel feeding pipe
(b) aluminum protection cover
(c) drain plug

Each tank was connected to:
- its stainless steel feeding pipe
- its fuel gauge, via its level sensor
- its output pipe, heading to its filter and diesel pump.
Both diesel pumps were located on the car's right side. In case one pump failed it was possible to swap the intake pipes.
(d) right tank
(e) diesel filter
(f) pumps
(g) pumps aluminum protection cover
(h) feeding mouth

Pumps output pipes went to the car main tank feeding mouth.
When we needed more autonomy, we used four 10 litre plastic jerrycans usually stored in the roof boxes (outside the cabin because of the smell).
These red cans were stored on the mudguards (wings) or on the front bumper, resting against the headlight protections. Since we avoid driving on tracks at night, it never was an issue. Besides, as soon as the main tanks allowed it, we would empty these containers into them and return the empty jerrycans to our roof boxes.