Alistair - Cooking, Rear Tablet

We wanted a "live around" solution without the burden of having to pull out a table and set it up, bring out stove, kitchen tools, spices etc. And we wanted a permanent light fixture at the back of the vehicle.
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We attached the light at the end of its flexible stem onto the rear door top right corner. In order to do this, we removed the plastic door cover and used aluminum checker plate to cover the door and make the tablet. We put the smooth side on top for easy cleaning.
The hinged tablet was held by a single steel line running under it, so as to always balance the tension (and length) between the right and left side.
We removed the small original steel bar built in to prevent the door from opening fully at 90 degrees.
We used an articulated aluminum wind breaker around our Primus stove.
Via a custom-made connector, the stove was fed from a 6 kg gas bottle. Its pipe was long enough so as to leave the bottle in its storage box inside the car and pull out only the stove.
This solution allowed us also to move all the cooking system (gas bottle, pipe, stove) away from the vehicle. Think of browning or frying food without having to clean up oil spatterings afterwards, or keeping frying odors away from the bedroom.
Salt, pepper, spices, tableware, everything is at hand in this heavy tarp custom-made organizer. The system to fasten it closed was added later, after having experienced the messy consequences of a ride on a very bumpy track...