On and Off-Road Fun

For you, as if you were on-board with us! We are happy to share with you some pictures of our journey. The most recent travels are at the top of this page.
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Mexico - Baja California Sur - Pacific
Mexico - Baja California Sur - Sierras
Mexico - Baja California Sur - Cortez
Mexico - Baja California (North)
USA - Nevada
USA - Colorado
USA - Utah
USA - Arizona

USA - California
USA - Oregon
USA - Montana-Idaho
Canada - Alberta
Canada - Yukon - NW Territories
Canada - British Columbia
New Zealand - South Island
Indonesia - West Timor
Australia - Queensland
Australia - Northern Territory (The North)
Western Australia - North
Australia - New South Wales, Northern Territory (Red Center)
Australia - Victoria
South Australia and Tasmania
Western Australia - Center and South
More on Western Australia, Leg 1...
Jordan, Saudi, Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman
Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Sàpmi - Swedish and Finnish Lapland
Norway, Sweden
Spain, Morocco